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Pixel Art Process/Workshop Streams (bippo borplo)

2017-02-17 19:45:09 by moawling

I’ll be hosting a series of pixel art streams, where I’ll be going in-depth with my processes. Each stream will have an itinerary, which will list the topics and techniques I’ll be covering, which I’ve uploaded onto Google Drive here: Along with each stream’s itinerary,  I’ll also be sharing some tutorials and resources. Every pixel art file I work on during the stream will also be available for anyone to download and use as they’d like (as long as credit is given).

For the first stream (which is tomorrow!), I’ll be covering some line art basics: selective outlining, anti-aliasing, line segments, etc, while utilizing a four-colour palette! The end of each stream will be reserved for editing and discussing other people’s pixel art! We’ll be looking at the work uploaded here:

If you’d like any help with pixel art, feel free to upload your work! I’d really like to use this as an opportunity to boost and promote other artists!

I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert on pixel art, but I hope that by sharing my process, I’ll be able to improve! I also hope that it’ll be helpful for other people who want to learn more about pixel art. I’d really like for all of us to learn and move forward together!

The stream will start around 9:00 PM (EST) tomorrow! I’ll be recording the session as well, so that’ll be available for anyone who isn’t able to drop by.

For future streams, I'll be co-hosting with other pixel artists, as well as animators and game devs, who will be sharing their own work. I'm really excited to see how everything works out.

Thanks for all of your support! I hope to see you there!

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Pixel Day and Goals for 2017 (woop wop)

2017-01-21 13:37:06 by moawling

Just submitted one of my largest pieces evER for Pixel Day! I've been working on it off and on since December. Looking at it now, there are a couple of things that I could have done better, but I'm proud of myself for following through with it. Check it out here:

If you haven't noticed by now, I've been approaching pixel art a bit (ha) differently this year! I've been sticking with the same palette and have been uploading less frequently in order to make more substantial work. Last year was my first year approaching pixel art seriously: I did a lot of experimentation and short term pieces (you can see them here: There were tons of crazy palettes and different styles. I learned so much from running wild with it, but this year I'm trying to approach this year with more rigidity and discipline. I want to make a cohesive style and hone my craft. I'm working towards a lot of things this year, so just wanted to dump some thoughts here so you know where I am with things.

  • Try to stick with one palette and build onto it over the course of one or two months
  • Make more pieces with backgrounds! Compose characters in a way that's not just standing there in a dark, blank space :')
  • Draw more fanart of other's OC's instead of just junk from Big Fandoms. Hopefully develop a better sense of community this way and connect with other artists
  • Collaborate with other creators! Make games, movies, art, whatever however that I can
  • MAKE A GAME actually try to get enough resources to finish the visual novel that I started way back in August
  • Sell more stuff: make merch and tilesets/sprite sheets (still working on making free assets for people don't worry, just wanna dip my beak a bit)
    • Also try to participate in my first game jam! (if anyone's interested btw hmu)
  • Learn to animate, like, actually animate things :')

Dunno how much of this that I'll be able to accomplish or commit to, but going to keep this in mind over the next couple of months!

I've been getting more involved with games the past couple of months. I can't share too much of the work that I've been doing, but I'll be sure to post about it when I can! One thing I'm excited to announce is that I'm making some pixel art for @phantomarcade3000 's upcoming Resident Evil cartoon! It's nothing too major, buT definitely check it out when it comes out! 


Thanks as always for all of your support! <3

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2016 was a pretty turbulent year for me: my physical/mental health hit an all-time low and several of my relationships came completely undone. Without a doubt, it was a pretty Awful time, but I’m incredibly thankful for a lot of things that happened over the past couple of months. 

I’ve been able to meet so many incredible people through my work. This was my first year approaching pixel art seriously and it’s already opened so many doors for me. I just want to take the time to thank everyone for their incredible support throughout the year.

Special shoutouts to:

  • @ArcadeHero-  for scouting me in the first place and being a great reference for pixel art.
  • @bit & @totty,- for being my first patrons and for always going out of their way to encourage me.
  • @ozoneorange - for always popping by my streams and drawing really great art and shaming me for my terrible quotes.
  • @VicariousE- for being one of the first people to stop by my news posts and show me around Newgrounds.
  • @Template88- for being a solid Art Friend and being part of my first big collab ever.
  • @PhantomArcade3000 - for being the first NG-er I met in real life whoooo also an all around cool guy or whatever.
  • @fushark- for just being a great person and an incredible source of inspiration. Just always available as support whenever I need him.
  • @tomfulp - for making all of this possible in the first place.

It's a little silly, I know that the calendar is an abstract concept or whatever, but I'm really excited for the new year. I've got a lot of things in store for Pixel Day coming up (it's gonna be my day guys) and I've been working on some projects recently (including helping Phantom with his latest cartoon oooooooh). I might not be updating as often, but I plan on bringing more polished and ambitious works to the table.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me the past couple of months. Your support means the world to me. 

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Patreon (bingbong)

2016-10-21 13:48:23 by moawling


For those who want to support me, I now have a Patreon!

I struggled with this decision for a long time. The idea of upselling my work makes me a little uncomfortable (not judging others who do, it's just not for me). I really want my work to be free and accessible for everyone! That being said, everything on my Patreon will be available on my twitter, tumblr, and Newgrounds accounts. I might give away stickers and prints to some patrons, but I don't really want that to be incentive for support. Ideally, my Patreon will just be more like a tip-jar than anything else.

There's nothing new on there for now, but if you don't follow me on twitter, there are some works on my Patreon that I haven't uploaded to Newgrounds! It's also a good chance to look at some of my older works if you're feeling up to it.

Thank you so much to everyone that's supported me the past couple of months! Shoutout to @bit and @totty for helping me make this decision and encouraging me to go through with it!

I've been able to meet and collaborate with so many talented people through Newgrounds! I'm extremely thankful for all of the opportunities that I've been able to come by because of it.

For those who want to support me through Patreon:
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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

Pixel Art Commissions

2016-09-27 13:21:35 by moawling

Hey! I hope this finds everyone well! Just letting everyone know that I'm available for commissions!



  • No NSFW (sexually explicit) requests,
  • Remember that pixels can only get so detailed! Complicated requests may get rejected.
  • Please note that I reserve the right to reject any request.

Commission Process

  • Contact me through Newgrounds with a description (possibly some references) of what you’re interested in commissioning (along with any colors, size preferences, etc.)
  • I'll respond as soon as possible, if your request is approved, just sit tight and wait for your piece! Feel free to ask for any WIP shots during the waiting period!
  • Once i’m done with your request, I’ll send a screenshot for approval. At this point, you can suggest any changes/final touches.
  • When the final product is approved, send me the payment through my PayPal! 
  • Unless requested otherwise, the final product will be shared on my social media accounts (twitter, tumblr, etc.), and the files will be sent to you through email!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a PM!

Thanks so much for your support!

Update-o (beep borp)

2016-09-14 10:48:32 by moawling

I hope this finds everyone well! I just wanted to throw together a compilation of updates/goals so you know where I'm at with my work.

  • Visual novel is currently on hold. The artwork is pretty much 100% finished, I just need to rework the plot and writing a bit, which has taken a bit of a backseat to some other projects that I'm currently working on. I'll be sure to provide updates as soon as I can!
  • I'm working on releasing one tile set or sprite sheet per month. Bippo, which I uploaded in August, is the first part of a series of free resources that I want to make accessible to the public! Giving back to the community is really important to me and I’d like to be able to provide support for others' work.
    • I'd love to team up with other artists/writers/creators and collaborate on themed sets and stuff like that maybe? Who knows?
  • Currently working on spritework/artwork for a couple of games. They're still in the early stages of planning, but I'll post any news about them here!
  • There will be no request chat this month. Sorry about that. Easing into school has been a bit hectic, so sorry for the inconvenience. However, this gives me a chance to make sure the next chat is more organized! Feel free to let me know what days work for you here! Or, if you'd like to be an artist that takes requests during chat, please feel free to PM me! 
  • beep

(the next one will be more organized, sorry guys)

I’ll be hosting another private chat channel today! I’ll be taking pixel art requests (mostly small-ish ones) and maybe talking a bit about my visual novel. (need some help with audio curation, so there will be some jamming to NG Radio)


Whether you have a request or not, feel free to stick around and chat! You can talk about your own projects, take some requests of your own, or just goof around (it’s all up to you).

There’ll be times where I’m not as active on the chat. If I’m not responsive, feel free to @ me so I can respond to you!

See you soon maybe? It'd be great to have you! 

Request Guidelines

  • As eloquently stated in the ‘Chat Rules’, “Don’t be a dick”. (Please read them if you haven’t already)
  • Don’t be afraid to be specific with details! I want to be able to make the best work that I can for you. The more information you provide, the more likely the resulting image will look like what you want.
  • That being said… Please provide references if you can! It’ll save me some time (and possibly embarrassment).
  • Please note that I have the right to reject any requests due to subject matter, time restraints, or any other reason. I apologize if I don’t get to your request, but I hope that it's understood that my limitations aren't anything personal. :’)
  • All finished requests will be shared via newspost or my twitter page (check out the ones from last round here)

Thanks as always for all of your support!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the request chat! I doofed a bit and forgot to write down usernames (whoops) but it was really great meeting some of you! It was nice to engage with the community on here, instead of just shamefully lurking around, something I need to get way better about. :')

Huge shoutout to @TomFulp and @StuffedWombat for boosting the chat on Twitter! I really appreciate the support!


Apologies if your request didn't make the cut. However, good news if your request was Stranger Things-related, there'll be a larger submission once I'm finished with it.

For people that missed the party, request chats will become a recurring thing once I get more organized. I've typed up a couple of guidelines for next time, so look forward to it! I'm really hoping that it becomes a monthly thing.

If anyone's interested in participating in the next request chat as an artist, feel free to PM me and we can try to coordinate our schedules!

In other news, I'm excited to announce that I'm working on a visual novel to submit to the portal!

   5744194_147027314911_vsmall.png     5744194_147027380541_snek.png (it's kinda small)

Visual novels are a medium of storytelling that resonate really well with me, so exploring that kind of narrative has been really interesting. There's still some stuff I need to work out, but hopefully I'll be able to share it with you very soon!

flash request chat! (bloppo bippo)

2016-07-28 12:00:56 by moawling

I thought this would be fun to do. I'll be hovering around a private chat channel for a bit to take pixel art requests! I'll mostly be taking icon requests (working in 60x60 is always a fun exercise) but I'm open to other suggestions. (please note that I reserve the right to reject any requests)

If I'm unresponsive, feel free to @ me so I can look at it later. If ng chat isn't your flavour, don't be afraid to pm me! I'll do my best to respond. 

Here's the link to the chat room,, maybe I'll see you! 

I'll be posting all of the finished requests in a news post or on my art thread later. Have a good one!

*****UPDATE 7/29/16 *******

Thanks to everyone that came out to chat! I'll be working on requests and I'll post a compilation of them when I'm finished. I really appreciate all of your support.

(I forgot to jot down usernames, so if you participated in chat and requested something, don't be afraid to pm me so I can tag you in the compilation post. sorry for the inconvenience!)

Pixel Tutorial Dump (beep blip)

2016-07-25 18:05:00 by moawling

Some people have been asking me about my process for pixel art, so I thought it'd be neat to compile a list of references. There are some great guides and tutorials by super talented artists that I highly recommend if you're planning on getting into pixel art! 

Overall Guides

  • Derek Yu's "Pixel Art Tutorial" - Covers a lot of the basics and includes a step-by-step process along with some detailed visuals.
  • Better in 2d's "Things to Avoid" - Provides examples of common mistakes in pixel art. Includes a wide variety of informative visuals, ranging from simple to complex.
  • Endesga's Pixel Art Tutorial - A large compilation of helpful information, ranging from tools, size, palettes, even character design!

Outline Tutorials

  • Sam Keddy's "Pixel Art Outlines Tutorial" (also Part 2) - Goes into basics about outlining in pixel art, when to use it and how it works visually. Part 2 goes into utilizing colour in your outlines to maintain contrast.

Colour References

  • Better in 2d's "Creating a Colour Palette" - Covers basic vocabulary and colour theory. Goes into the various ways you can create contrast and create cohesive colour ramps. Doesn't just provide one way of providing contrast via hue, saturation, etc. 
  • Open Game Art's "Colour Palettes"- This is chapter 5 of a larger compilation of pixel references (feel free to check them out). This guide isn't as accessible as the other ones, it doesn't read as nicely, or provide as many visuals, it does however, go into a specific approach to developing colour palettes via hexadecimal code. More formulaic in terms of creating a color palette
  • Pixel Joint thread- This is less of a tutorial, and more of a reference. The users on this thread provide a basic explanation of colour theory. Also references other pixel artists and dissects their approach to colour.


  • Paul Robertson and Jonathan "Persona-sama" Kim's Tips for animating 2D Games - General advice for animating sprites for games, great things to keep in mind for creating distincitve animations.



I'll be updating this by request or if I find any links that I think will be useful. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I hope that this is helpful for anyone that needs it.