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Pixel Tutorial Dump (beep blip)

Posted by moawling - July 25th, 2016

Some people have been asking me about my process for pixel art, so I thought it'd be neat to compile a list of references. There are some great guides and tutorials by super talented artists that I highly recommend if you're planning on getting into pixel art! 

Overall Guides

  • Derek Yu's "Pixel Art Tutorial" - Covers a lot of the basics and includes a step-by-step process along with some detailed visuals.
  • Better in 2d's "Things to Avoid" - Provides examples of common mistakes in pixel art. Includes a wide variety of informative visuals, ranging from simple to complex.
  • Endesga's Pixel Art Tutorial - A large compilation of helpful information, ranging from tools, size, palettes, even character design!

Outline Tutorials

  • Sam Keddy's "Pixel Art Outlines Tutorial" (also Part 2) - Goes into basics about outlining in pixel art, when to use it and how it works visually. Part 2 goes into utilizing colour in your outlines to maintain contrast.

Colour References

  • Better in 2d's "Creating a Colour Palette" - Covers basic vocabulary and colour theory. Goes into the various ways you can create contrast and create cohesive colour ramps. Doesn't just provide one way of providing contrast via hue, saturation, etc. 
  • Open Game Art's "Colour Palettes"- This is chapter 5 of a larger compilation of pixel references (feel free to check them out). This guide isn't as accessible as the other ones, it doesn't read as nicely, or provide as many visuals, it does however, go into a specific approach to developing colour palettes via hexadecimal code. More formulaic in terms of creating a color palette
  • Pixel Joint thread- This is less of a tutorial, and more of a reference. The users on this thread provide a basic explanation of colour theory. Also references other pixel artists and dissects their approach to colour.


  • Paul Robertson and Jonathan "Persona-sama" Kim's Tips for animating 2D Games - General advice for animating sprites for games, great things to keep in mind for creating distincitve animations.



I'll be updating this by request or if I find any links that I think will be useful. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I hope that this is helpful for anyone that needs it.


Thank you. . . THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! T_T

Absolutely! I'm really glad this was helpful. Lemme know if there's anything else that you're interested in.

Lol thanks! I was just going to ask you if you had any pixel art resources/tutorials :)

Yeah, it's no problem! Having all of these references in one place is helpful for me as well. If there's anything else that you might need, totally feel free to ask!

Better in 2D's tutorial's down.The domain's even up for sale.Did they move somewhere else?

You are a legend