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mY gooSe is loOsE


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I really like the loose, improv feel. I think the length was perfect for what it was. Any longer and it would have had a completely different tone to it. I would honestly love to see a compilation of shorts in this style.

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CapaciousSpace responds:

Thanks man. I just felt like dicking around :)

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Fekken sick

Gurken responds:


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Bippo's Tiny Adventure Bippo's Tiny Adventure

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oH GAWD THIS IS SO CUTE?!? It fits him perfectly!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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demon1000 responds:

Thanks Again Moawling! I'll might use him for a project in College

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On the Rocks On the Rocks

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Your work always looks great! Great colours! Your stand-alone sprites are great, but you did a really good job with the background. There are so many different textures!!!
As far as dithering goes, you kept the dithering fields small to minimize noise which is good! Dithering's a good technique to master for blending or textures, but with the range of colours that you usually use, I don't think that it's necessary. Working with restrictive colour limits (3-5 colours) might be a better exercise if you want to work on dithering more!
I would also suggest using more AA, especially in places like the background. Selectively softening and blending edges can add more dimension!

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Pixel Art (animated) Pixel Art (animated)

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Cuuute! Lots of interesting stuff going on!
(there's a category dedicated to pixel art! i'd def submit it under that)

cayiika responds:

Ah, my bad, forgot to change it to pixel art. Thanks~

(animated) infern vermin (animated) infern vermin

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is absolutely gorgeous! This just has so much character to it! You have a great sense of colour as well!
I would just recommend being careful of things like banding and stray pixels. Keeping stuff like that in check can make pixels look a lot cleaner and will also help with animating!